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Explore my collections which include traditional Métis healing drums, acrylic fine art and clothing art inspired by beautiful Salt Spring Island, BC.
Métis Healing Drums
As a Métis artist based in Salt Spring Island, BC, I paint to honour the floral beadwork of my people.

Made from cowhide and acrylic paint, one drop at a time, to emulate our grandmothers beautiful floral beadwork. These healing drums are a beautiful representation of Métis style floral beadwork.

I have a couple on hand, but typically create custom orders for most clients.

Acrylic fine art paintings of friendly bears.

These bears are a recurring theme in my work. I try to capture the beauty of these majestic animals in every brush stroke.

Things that Fly
Birds and Angels

In my mixed media works I often use fabric and bits of women's tapestry, embroidery and tatting found in thrift shops. I like to think I honour those unnamed artists, as I layer their work beneath mine. I wonder what they thought about as they stitched and prayed for loved ones.

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